For Luca, with love

The theme of my weekend seems to have been love. This wasn’t intentional or pre-planned or even always obvious at the time. Instead it has emerged, often subtley asserting itself, sometimes forcefully demanding acknowledgement. I have seen and felt the love of communities under threat and communities beginning to flourish; of young families of in the midst of simple joy and young families in the throes of despair; of one’s closest family and oldest friends.

I have experienced the utter bond of love that ties us together in the face of adversity – the strength of which gives hope that there can be something good, something great, found even in the most awful situation. The shortest of lives – a child who passed away within hours of birth last week – has bore witness to that which is eternal, love. That child’s life has allowed me to see, to feel, to know, deep and profound love. He has also helped me to recognise, perhaps for the first time, my own need to feel love. He has opened up a whole new world to me, a new life even. As St Paul said, “If I have no love, I am nothing.” Or as another Paul (& John) put it, “All you need is love.”

For Luca, 13th June 2011.

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