It’s just after one on Saturday night/Sunday morning and I’ve not long got in. Saturday’s been a good day. It feels like a long time since I had a properly good day, one that hasn’t felt tinged with low mood. I still don’t really know why it’s been that way, as prior to that there’s been long stretches of good feeling. I also don’t know why there’s been a shift today, nor whether this shift will last. It occurs to me that the simplest way to share my good day is through the old self-help favourite, a gratitude list. Normally these are limited to three items but I’m in charge here so I’m allowing five. In no particular order… 1. I had some time to myself, time where I could please myself and do what I wanted. Most excitingly, I used some of that time to get bits for my holiday, which had the added bonus of making me feel more prepared and hence less stressed. 2. I realised that looking back on my week, however tough it’s been at times, there have been moments where I feel really proud of myself. That’s hard to admit, and even harder to actually notice when it happens. 3. Freedom. Getting in my car and driving. The freedom to go 120 miles to a party and not be answerable to anyone about it. 4. Orange juice. Always makes me happy. 5. Going to a thirtieth birthday party for a very old friend and having an absolutely lovely evening with her friends and family. Bunting, babies, cupcakes and a great, relaxed atmosphere too. As with yesterday’s funeral, it reminded me where my priorities lie. And that feels good.


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