3 x 3

Today’s witnessed a three by three series of good things:

1. Consumer choices that make me happy…

A. Shopping local.

B. Using the Coop when I thought I might have to use Wal-Mart.

C. Supporting the Post Office. Use it or lose it, as they say. In this case the potential is that we could lose the whole institution, not just individual ones.

2. Clearing three things…

A. Lots of random items that were unexpectedly taken away when my mum kindly offered to drop them at their new home.

B. A fab leather skirt that I’d been meaning to deliver to its new home for a couple of weeks.

C. A large pile of stuff that had surfaced thanks to my huge purge of paperwork and PhD work. Finally shifted most of it.

3. Three satisfying chunks of time…

A. A very productive working day. Lots of ticks on my to-do list.

B. A useful session preparing for a Quaker outreach event that I’m involved in on Saturday.

C. A cathartic bonfire, happily burning confidential papers and poking the fire with a stick.

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