Tonight I got chatted up. I understand that for many people this would not be a noteworthy event, but it is for me. I have been single for over four and a half years. Furthermore, I have a notorious record for not spotting a chat up line when it’s right there in my face. On more than one occasion I have answered the question “What are you doing at that the weekend?” with the immortal line, “My homework”. Tonight I did actually notice. The classic eye contact was going on all night. He had a good physique and the general indie look that I like. He came over and made conversation. We had a laugh. He asked intelligent questions about my job. If asked, I would have said yes, I was interested too.

So, why then when he was leaving the pub did I outright knock him back? He was drunk, plain and simple. While his admiration was clear, his motives weren’t. I had no way of knowing how genuinely genuine his feelings were. And I don’t like that. I feel vulnerable enough without the complications of drink. I find it hard to believe that any man would chat me up unless he was drunk, hence him being drunk only underlines my fears. It’s a shame as it may have had potential, but I couldn’t risk it. Even though I’m now kicking myself.

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