I had a truly lovely weekend this weekend, the kind of weekend where you feel spiritually nurtured and your soul uplifted. Weekends such as this are immensely reassuring, reaffirming my commitment to sticking to my own path. And this commitment was tested today, as I found myself contravening all the pressures of the consumer marketplace in a mission to buy cellotape. My cellotape ran out at the weekend. I popped to the shops today, so decided to replace it while I could. First shop I entered selling the right kind of mini-rolls for my dispenser: five rolls for £1. Good price, but I only wanted one roll. I do not need five. A single one is quite sufficient. Yet I couldn’t buy just one. Second shop I tried had a far greater range of cellotape. Good stuff, I thought. Until I realised that one roll would cost me £1.49, ie half as much again as for five rolls. After standing staring at the diplay for several minutes, overwhelmed and confused by it all, all the reassurance of the weekend washed over me. I’m not alone. I’m not the only person who feels as I do about the world. Others are on a similar journey, a similar quest. And with that, I seized the single roll and took it to the counter. To many, it may seem mad that I paid more money for one item that I would for several of the same thing. But I am sure I am not mad; rather, it is the world that is mad.

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