The human mind is a funny thing. Specifically, it’s funny how the moment something lifts from our thoughts, we can immediately move onto the next issue – no matter how pressing or monumental the first thought may have seemed. If we’re not careful, this means that we simply move from one worry to the next, never stopping to observe that our worries may actually be unfounded. We don’t notice this because as soon as one cause of concern lifts, another fills it place. I’ve reflected on this several times in the last twelve hours or so. Today’s been massively important work-wise. After months of planning, it was the day of an international conference that I’ve been responsible for organising. During the development process there have been moments where I’ve felt incredibly anxious, but the last week or so has been fairly stress-free. Even so, the event has occupied a large amount of headspace – I’ve been thinking about it, even if not worrying about it. And what happens today? Just at the point where I realise everything’s going exceptionally well, that there’s real intellectual engagement, enthusiasm and enjoyment amongst delegates, my mind switches. Rather than stopping and thinking “This is good. I am pleased and happy and can relax. I can enjoy the event that I’ve created”, I begin to consider what happens next. Questions about how to make the last few payments, how to wrap up loose ends, finalise the account, etc etc, start to swarm. These hadn’t crossed my mind before as I had other things to think about. Suddenly there’s a space and these thoughts – and worries – race into fill it. Awareness is, I guess, helping though. I’ve noticed this pattern and kyboshed it. My new to-do list can wait until tomorrow. Today I just want to be mindful of what I’ve achieved.

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