Today’s been busy with various events and activities. In many ways, it’s been my ideal day as I’ve very much had a sense of contributing to something bigger vic myself while also enjoying myself. Throughout the day, in different contexts, I’ve felt like I belong. I’ve felt a part of various communities. This feeling eluded me for many years, and I know it is central to feeling good about life. I need to feel part of something beyond myself to really believe that life’s worth getting on with. I suspect that part of this desire is linked to being single – maybe if I had a partner and children then I’d have a strong sense of loyalty in that direction. Without that, it’s all too easy to drift – no commitment, but no belonging either. Funnily enough, on the partner front, I’ve witnessed a reversal in my thinking today. In one context – bands, politics, “young people” – I realised it’s too small a world. I can’t be doing with the incestuousness. I like the people but want to expand the available gene pool. At the same time, the seemingly small world of my village and the “church scene” suddenly seemed to offer much more potential. Openings are there and continue to emerge. Maybe it’s simply that my priorities or my criteria are changing. Whichever, I’m reminded of the adage “As one door closes, another door opens.”

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