Mission for the next month

I’ve been paid today.  Having been without a regular income for so long, I still cannot get used to this concept; it seems amazing that as soon as it gets to the end of a month, some more money goes into my account!  I guess it’s no bad thing to be shocked by this – hopefully it means that I’ll never take money for granted.  However, I do wonder what I actually spend my money on.  Not the bills and the regular payments, but the cash in my purse.  I withdraw it at the end of one month and then need some more the next time payday rolls around.  Where does it all disappear to? 

Obviously I’m vaguely aware of what I spend cash on.  A couple of drinks when out with friends, the odd lunch when I’m working on campus, the local fleamarket.  But it’s all rather hazy.  Having thought about this several times recently, I then came across the ‘Track your spending’ idea on ‘Be More With Less’, a sort of self-help blog.  The writer suggests ‘mini-missions’ for readers to follow, and one was to right down everything you spend money on for a month (http://www.bemorewithless.com/2011/track-your-spending-mini-mission/).  So I’m going to give it a go, and report on my progress here.  As I don’t want to get too personal, I’ll just record what the cash in my purse goes on – the area that I’m most intrigued by anyway.  And I think intrigued is the word.  It’s not an exercise in self-restraint or trying to do things differently.  Rather, it’s trying to solve the basic mystery of where do all those pennies go?

So far today… £0.00.  It may have changed by bedtime.

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