Day Six

Cash spent today = £0.00.  It’s only 7.45, but as my plan for the rest of the evening is to sit in the garden reading, I can’t see the situation changing.  Despite not even opening my purse, I have thought about money several times during the day.  I’m not sure whether this is an inevitable consequence of my “mini-mission” or simply a coincidence.  Actually, it probably reflects the fact that I decided to take on this ‘recording what you spend’ task because I was musing on money anyway.  For example, last week I was reflecting on ‘How much money is enough for you?’.  This question was asked in a self-help style weekly email that I receive (  Normally I find that answers to the Life Club questions come instinctively, but this one I really struggled with.  How do I define enough? 

I think I may have found answer today.  ‘Enough’ is being able to book a hotel for a trip without having to angst over whether I can afford it or not.  Obviously I don’t mean finding the means to pay for a two-week stay at the Marbella Ritz!  I’m talking about the kind of money needed to fund two or three nights in a Travelodge or similar.  This personal definition of ‘enough money’ emerged because two trips have suddenly lined themselves up for the autumn/winter: one to Manchester, to a protest, and another to Brighton for a conference.  In both cases, I felt a palpable sense of relief knowing that I could simply book a room and not worry about scraping the money together.  I felt the same when I went to a wedding earlier in the year and realised that, for the first time in years, I could afford to stay at the venue and not have to book in at a much cheaper B&B down the road. 

Of course all this doesn’t mean that I’m going to head out on a reckless spending spree.  My puritanical streak runs too strong for anything of that nature!  Even so, it’s good to know that however much money is in my purse this month, I feel like I’ve got enough.

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