It’s almost impossible to do this task without modifying your behaviour in some way, however slight.  This afternoon I had to get some bits for work.  Rather than just pulling up in the Pay & Display car park that I normally use, I took a different route so I could see if there was any free kerbside parking available nearby.  I normally only do this if I’m feeling particularly brassic.  Today I didn’t feel hard pressed, but it seems that writing down every penny that comes out of my purse is making me uber-conscious of where those pennies go.  So where did they fly to on 8th August?

£20 to my mum as I owed her for some vintage magazines I’d picked up recently – this was the remains of my birthday money

£10 extra contribution to my friend’s baby’s collection; I put it in on behalf of someone else, who’ll pay me back when they see me next

£3 on some bits and pieces for work, which I’ll also get back

‘Neither a borrower nor a lender be’ was the advice given in Hamlet, but I’ve managed to be both in the space of an hour or so.  I just hope that some tragic Shakespearian fate doesn’t now befall me, or my finances.


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