On Saturday, I went to a Hiroshima Day event at Coventry Cathedral.  It was amazing, really beautiful and moving as well as a lot of fun – we made origami paper cranes, a symbol of hope in Japan, which was quite a hoot.  I went with my mum, and afterwards we joined with some Coventry Quakers for the fundraising meal.  The day was also lovely (and immensely satisfying) because I managed to take another step towards increasing my commitment to living sustainably.  Namely, I got the bus to Coventry.  This is about an eleven mile journey and the bus admittedly goes all around the houses; it takes about an hour rather than the twenty minutes or so by car.  But I was convinced it was a good idea, persuaded my mum to come along for the ride too, and off we went…

Cash spent:

£6.65 return bus ticket

£4.00 on a peace badge and a Christmas present for a friend (you can never start too early!)

£7.00 dinner  

£1.00 on a drink

36p in the basket that went round collecting a group tip for the staff.  Once again, I feel a bit mean but I promise that this was all the change I had left.  This exercise in recording my spending is making me feel that I should carry an emergency tip purse around with me.   


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