Part of my motivation for recording my cash expenditure for a month is my increasing resistance in recent years to trying to find satisfaction through consumer culture. From a new lipstick to a cinema ticket, it’s all too easy to look for answers in consumer “solutions”. With my malaise about consumerism has come a desire to notice, observe, study alternative sources of satisfaction. Today I was aware of quite a common one: a good day’s work. I have spent no cash. Instead I’ve been nurtured by working hard on some pieces of writing, following up some other bits and completing a few tasks. Before I begin to get too smug, though, I have to admit that today’s feel-good vibe was also enhanced by confirmation of my place on a bike maintenance course in a few weeks. This only happened because I made the £40 payment online. Not cash, but a card payment, hence not under the auspices of my mini-mission. The joys that can result from spending money (in whatever form) are clearly hard to avoid or deny, even if buying experiences and not objects.

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