What did I spend?

As I can’t figure out how to reply to the notes on my previous posts, I’ll just have to answer here instead: I have been to Guildford Cathedral (the first set of photographs, taken last Thursday afternoon) and the Cotswolds (Moreton in the Marsh, Stow on the Wold and Bourton on the Water, the second set of photographs, taken on Monday afternoon).  It was an unexpectedly blissful few days, combining trips to lovely places, time (& food!) with family and friends, walking, relaxing, and even some work thrown in!

I feel I should come up with some hybrid term for this experience.  It was sort of like a mini-break, except that I was still working and hadn’t really travelled very far.  I slept in my own bed (well, beds, as I live split between Warwickshire and Surrey).  It’s not the first time that I’ve had this mini-break-esque experience during what appears to be an ordinary week.  I guess I could just use old-fashioned language and say it’s ‘having a nice time’.  Time with no pressure to hurry somewhere (even though I was busy and went to several different places).  Time with no pressure to be someone (even though I was lots of different things: auntie, daughter, friend, niece, tour guide, flaneur…).  Time with no pressure to do anything (even though I did lots). 

Funnily enough, I didn’t even spend a lot of cash during my ‘having a nice time’ experience.  Although it helped that I had a couple of meals out bought for me (& free beer at the pub when quiz marking), my spending was still pretty scant:

£6.20 lunch; £5 donation to Guildford Cathedral; 50p on lighting a candle in the cathedral; £1.65 milk; 5p in a charity box

£2 towards some wrapping paper and a card being jointly purchased

£10 on a second hand coat purchased in an ice cream shop; 50p on a drink

£1.52 + £5.30 on lunch and dinner

Today so far… 49p on orange juice.

Once again, I’m coming to realise how completely divorced spending cash can be from how I feel and what I value, as it would take at least a million pounds to quantify how lovely the last week has been.

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