Where do ideas come from? How do thoughts happen? I’ve wondered this a few times recently. I know when I’m in a generally good place mentally by the frequency of good ideas I get, usually work-related. It’s as if when I’m in a good place, I have the mental freedom and space to let my mind just be, and for ideas to magically emerge, seemingly appearing from nowhere. This doesn’t, or can’t, happen under pressure. In an amusing anecdote in “A Life of One’s Own”, the book after which this blog was named, Field describes how when saying she “was trying to think”, her boss instructed her not to try but to “just think”. Similarly, today I was doing some research and had no intention of thinking beyond processing the information, yet I found my brain whirring away without me and throwing up some excellent thoughts and ideas (even if I do say so myself). I just hope they stop now I want to go to sleep.


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