As the final sentence of my previous post suggested, I suspected that yesterday’s ideas-fest would continue unabated despite my desire to go to sleep. I was proved right. Thoughts, plans, inspiration came flooding in thick and fast until well into the night. They’ve continued today too. A task that I was slightly dreading has been straightforward and even enjoyable as I suddenly realised that I actually knew how to tackle it. Creativity is in abundance – to such an extent that I need to be careful that I don’t over-commit by hoping that this current ideas factory/productivity will continue apace. It can’t and it won’t maintain this level of momentum. I’ll just have to enjoy it while it lasts and remember it once it fades. I’ll also have to try to observe current conditions in the hope that I can come one step closer to answering the question “Where do ideas and thoughts come from when we’re not actively trying to think them?”. I’ll be honest and say I still have no idea in this particular case, despite the plethora of ideas about other things. The human brain is awe-inspiring when you think about it. And it’s high time I gave mine another rest. Goodnight.

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