A nice surprise

On Friday evening, I got home late from having dinner with a friend.  I was in a very jolly mood, buoyed up by lovely food and several hours of non-stop conversation.  My mood was temporarily dampened by the ominous HMRC envelope that had arrived.  Assuming it contained bad news, like ‘you owe us £1 million by 1st September’, I gingerly opened it, knowing that I couldn’t simply ignore it until the morning.  And lo and behold, it wasn’t a demand for a million pounds!  On the contrary, they owe me money.  It took several re-readings before I felt confident that this was the case, but it is true.  I am getting a rebate of almost £900. 

As my friend had requested a ‘I’m home safe’ text, I duly messaged her with news of my nice surprise.  Her response spoke well of my relationship with money: amazing, she said, but remember to treat yourself with it – don’t just be sensible.  How well she knows me.  And how right she was.  There is absolutely no way that I could just splurge it.  I wouldn’t even know where to start.  Straightaway I knew that it is going either into my pension or towards repaying some PhD-related debt.  A few days later, I’ve decided that it’s going on the latter.  However I’m determined that between now and when the cheque actually arrives I’m going to have lots of fun trying to mentally spend it on frivolity.  Suggestions please as to the most outlandish thing (or things) that £900 can buy.

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