Great pleased-ness

Not long after writing this post, I realised that it wasn’t strictly true.  Yes, the article has been printed and it means a lot to me, but it’s not the first time that I’ve had stuff published; I’ve had several book reviews in academic journals and an article in a University of Manchester student magazine.  It’s amazing what you forget about your own life (see above).  I guess I was just so excited at this development that it was at the forefront of my mind far more strongly than the previous events that I’ve had time to get used to (and forget in due course).

Just seen my name in print (well, the website version of the print – haven’t seen a hard copy yet!) for the first time and am surprised how incredibly chuffed I am about it.  Can’t stop grinning.  It probably helps that the piece means a lot to me.  It’s about the working retreat that I went on in Sweden back in July and includes some lovely photographs of the trip.  You can’t view it unless you subscribe to the Friend, the Quaker newspaper, but should you wish to have a little peak then here’s the link:

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