Despite my crisis of confidence earlier in the week, most of the time I’m more than happy being single. I’m fully aware that not having anyone else to consider or factor in can be an advantage. I don’t mean that to sound callous; I’ve no doubt that children or a partner are generally life-enhancing and not simply another item on one’s to do list, along with “clean gutters” and “book smear test” etc. Without such relationships, though, there is certainly more freedom to please oneself. This freedom has come into its own this week. As well as the usual split of my working week between Warwickshire and Surrey, I’ve either had or still have to come a meeting in Birmingham, two separate trips to London, a party in Altrincham and a christening in Birmingham. This needs an integrated transport system (well, as near as we’ve got), a high level of wardrobe planning (every outfit required mapped out with accessories and then packed/hung on my wardrobe accordingly) and a huge amount of freedom to be able to come and go with noone to answer to.

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