Today I have had the most lovely day.  I feel very happy (albeit with a tinge of sadness at the news of Jimmy Saville’s death) and have that tingly feeling in your tummy that makes you just keep smiling. 

On another note entirely, I have come across a new fashion icon in the last week or so.  Her name is Teal and she is one of the eponymous characters in The Adventures of Abney and Teal on Cbeebies.  There’s something very homespun and eccentric about how she dresses (which appears to be the same in every episode, possibly because she lives up a tree with only a bed and an umbrella) – think the Bloomsbury set when in the country but with a Prada-utilitarian edge to it – and I’m very drawn to it.  Happily, her style reminds me of my new blue cord dress, which I think I will wear tomorrow.

Here’s to new adventures for me and to The Adventures of Abney and Teal!

I have read a lot of self-help books over the years.  Most of them contain some grain of useful advice but that is often buried, hence easily missed, amongst cliches and hyperbole.  A few are really good and declare their basic message loud and clear.  Susan Jeffers’ best-seller falls into this latter category, with its title becoming a well-known phrase in popular culture: Feel the fear and do it anyway.  Today I took Jeffers’ advice.  Nothing bad happened.  Quite the contrary, in fact.  Even if things don’t quite come to fruition as I hope, then it won’t really matter.  It won’t be a disaster.  I feel proud of myself.  I feel brave, which is quite an unusual emotion to experience in everyday life.  Whatever the results, I felt the fear and did it anyway.  Thank you, Susan Jeffers.       

I’m on the train into Waterloo feeling almost paralysed by an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I’ve written before about gratitude and the powerful psychological effects it can have, but I’m not quite sure what’s induced such strong feelings this morning. All I know is that despite the doom and gloom that seems to pervade the world most of the time, we generally have a lot to be grateful for. A warm shower. Cups of tea. Cereal. An outfit that makes us smile when we slip it on. Lashings of bright lipstick. An unexpected lift to the station. The luck of walking straight onto a train. Sunshine. Allotments. The list could go on and it’s only 11.01.