If you haven’t already bought your 2012 diary (and why would you have?  It is only 4th October), then I’d really encourage you to think about getting one of these from ‘We are what we do’, a brilliant not-for-profit organisation behind lots of popular initiatives such as the Anya Hindmarch ‘I am not a plastic bag’ and the book ‘Teach your granny to text’.  I’ve written about them before, way back on 25th September last year when I’d purchased their ‘100 ways to change the world for a fiver’ (I only know the date because I checked my blog archive, although am going to see if this new page format will allow me to create a tag as the old one didn’t). 

My diary is always a Christmas present from my niece and nephew, although I choose it.  Normally I get the V&A one, but fancied a change this time.  I also needed to have one now as I’m starting to book things in already; after some wranglings, my sister-in-law has agreed that I can have it and use it so long as I give it to her just prior to Christmas so she can wrap it and the kids can give it to me on 25th December.

What really attracted me to the ‘We are what we do’ one – apart from the fact that I think they are a fab organisation – is that each week has an ‘action’ for you to follow, encouraging you to live to the notion of ‘we are what we do’ throughout the year.  I just hope I can resist reading all 52 actions in the 12 weeks between now and Christmas.

Click the photo to go to the diary page of We are what we do

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