Signs of getting older relating to a night out:

Further to previous posts about the signs of ageing, tonight I’ve observed the following about getting older while out for an old schoolfriend’s engagement drinks:

1. It becomes increasing likely that more than one person in the group won’t be drinking because they’re breast feeding.

2. You are all amazed at how busy pubs get.

3. Booty calls become “How are the kids?” calls.

4. You’re really glad you wore flat shoes.

5. You no longer even humour the strange blokes that magically appear amongst you when you’re dancing.

6. You think they’ve made a mistake and played the same song twice in quick succession until you realise that you’re so out of touch with current music that you just think all the songs sound same.

7. You spend the journey home not discussing the evening’s exploits but reminiscing about nights out you had a decade ago.


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