Today I have had the most lovely day.  I feel very happy (albeit with a tinge of sadness at the news of Jimmy Saville’s death) and have that tingly feeling in your tummy that makes you just keep smiling. 

On another note entirely, I have come across a new fashion icon in the last week or so.  Her name is Teal and she is one of the eponymous characters in The Adventures of Abney and Teal on Cbeebies.  There’s something very homespun and eccentric about how she dresses (which appears to be the same in every episode, possibly because she lives up a tree with only a bed and an umbrella) – think the Bloomsbury set when in the country but with a Prada-utilitarian edge to it – and I’m very drawn to it.  Happily, her style reminds me of my new blue cord dress, which I think I will wear tomorrow.

Here’s to new adventures for me and to The Adventures of Abney and Teal!


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