How this made me laugh when I saw it – I just think there’s something very ‘eats, shoots and leaves’ / ‘eats shoots and leaves’ about it.  It made me want to start running back and forth across the road around Russell Square (where the sign was situated), waving my arms in the air and screaming like an Uncontrolled Pedestrian.

Another new adventure

Today I embarked on an another new adventure: a quest to get up earlier.  Admittedly this doesn’t sound like everyone’s idea of fun but I’m not trying to be hardcore and rise at 4.30am or anything ridiculous (although I did go the loo at 4.30am the other morning and noticed that my neighbours were up – what on earth is anyone doing at that time in the morning?!). 

The reasons behind this quest are simple.  On the days when I work at home, I can please myself as to my schedule.  As a result, I usually wake up about 8ish and start work at 10am.  This isn’t bad and it certainly doesn’t compromise my job.  However, I know that I work best in the morning, plus I love that feeling that getting loads done by 930 gives.  I only realised that my current routine doesn’t really suit my preferred working pattern when I mentioned it to someone at the weekend.  It struck me as odd that I hadn’t considered this before.  I didn’t consider it on Monday morning either!  This morning, though, I was up and in the shower at 730am (hardly an unreasonable hour and still later than many people).  By 930am I’d ticked several tasks off my to-do list for the day.  By 830pm I am feeling very pleased with how much I’ve achieved today.  And if I can do more in a day, how much more can I do by the end of the year?  A whole realm of further possible adventures awaits.