Another new adventure

Today I embarked on an another new adventure: a quest to get up earlier.  Admittedly this doesn’t sound like everyone’s idea of fun but I’m not trying to be hardcore and rise at 4.30am or anything ridiculous (although I did go the loo at 4.30am the other morning and noticed that my neighbours were up – what on earth is anyone doing at that time in the morning?!). 

The reasons behind this quest are simple.  On the days when I work at home, I can please myself as to my schedule.  As a result, I usually wake up about 8ish and start work at 10am.  This isn’t bad and it certainly doesn’t compromise my job.  However, I know that I work best in the morning, plus I love that feeling that getting loads done by 930 gives.  I only realised that my current routine doesn’t really suit my preferred working pattern when I mentioned it to someone at the weekend.  It struck me as odd that I hadn’t considered this before.  I didn’t consider it on Monday morning either!  This morning, though, I was up and in the shower at 730am (hardly an unreasonable hour and still later than many people).  By 930am I’d ticked several tasks off my to-do list for the day.  By 830pm I am feeling very pleased with how much I’ve achieved today.  And if I can do more in a day, how much more can I do by the end of the year?  A whole realm of further possible adventures awaits.

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