The photographs show the craft stall that I am running at my Quaker meeting this afternoon.  It’s one of several stalls at the spring fayre, but unlike many craft stalls, it’s less about items that people have crafted and more about actual things to craft with: we’ve got wool, fabric, embroidery yarn, lace, and a whole host of miscelleanous items.  There are also books on style and craft and lots of art supplies.  It’s all come from people at the meeting or friends; it seems that crafters (myself included) acquire lots of materials that are never going to get used, but we need the promise of a good home (rather than just the bin) to feel able to let go of them. 

We set up the stalls last night so they are ready for this afternoon.  I ended up staying an hour later than everyone else in order to finish arranging, re-arranging and generally titivating my pitch.  I came away feeling incredibly proud of the display I’d created and that it really had been an outlet for creativity.  It’s almost a shame that we have to let the punters come in and mess it all up!

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