The world landing in your lap

It’s funny how sometimes the world just seems to land in your lap.  Well, perhaps not the world – but something that you’ve been thinking about.  And perhaps not your lap, but your inbox or on your doormat.  But we all have those moments where the universe seems to pick up on something that’s crossed our minds and magically responds to it.  I’d been thinking last week about opening a new ISA for some of my savings that have started to build up (only a little bit, but building up nonetheless).  Lo and behold, a charity that I like to support sent an email round the other day saying deposit £100 in a new ISA with Triodos, the ethical bank, and they’ll get £40.  So I’ve just done it: five minutes clicking a few buttons and it’s done.  All I have to do now is wait for my password in the post, then transfer the money in.  I have the ISA I wanted, the charity have a donation that they wanted.  Everyone’s a winner. 

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