Written in the stars

I’m going to begin this post with the comment that every person makes before then going on to describe a recent horoscope that they’ve read: I don’t believe in horoscopes, but…. today I heard my stars read out on the radio and it seemed particularly apt.  I know that they always manage to do this by going for statements that are pretty vague, but this one made me sit up and listen.  It seemed to so speak to how I’ve been feeling in the last day or two, and what I’ve been doing, that it spooked me a little.  Maybe I’m just feeling suggestible.  Maybe I’m looking for easy answers to difficult questions, or even simply signs that my thoughts are on the right track.  Whatever the case, I know that the statement made for Cancer really hit home in a way that none of the nine that followed did – and I made sure that I listened hard to the others that were left, just to see if they were vague enough to apply to me too.  They didn’t.  It was quite creepy.  Not that I’m going to be converted to believing in astrology anytime soon.  As Stuart Maconie once put, to take astrology seriously requires two beliefs: one, that the alignment and arrangement of these enormous, great celestial entities mysteriously dictates the path of our lives and two, that the best person to interpret these mysteries of the universe is Russell Grant.

Having said that, here’s what Shelley von Strunckel said anyway (for Cancerians, w/b 15/04/2012):

After a period of unsettling but informative confusion, you`re reviewing elements of your life you`ve accepted unthinkingly. Now that you realise changes are possible, you`re considering your options. This is timely, since between certain arrangements coming to an end and intriguing new ones surfacing, you`ve numerous options, many of them unexpectedly inspiring. Explore them all but take your time over the decision-making process.


Written in the stars

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