She gave it all…

In less than four hours since I originally posted this, the total donated to her justgiving page has gone up from £330,000 to over £407,000. It is absolutely amazing and it feels so good to see such an outpouring in tribute an ‘ordinary’ woman, not a celebrity – although clearly the way her death has touched so many people is far beyond ordinary.

The sad death of Claire Squires, a young woman who was running the London Marathon to raise money for the Samaritans, made the news in Britain.  What has now also made the news is that donations to Claire’s JustGiving page have since passed £330,000. It’s an amazing outpouring of goodwill and generosity from the public, a small sign that society is not broken, and hopefully it will provide some comfort to her family and friends at a dark time for them.  Good things can emerge from sadness.

Read more about Claire’s story ( or visit her JustGiving page ( 

She gave her all; what can we do? 

She gave it all…

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