Over the moon(cup)

I came on my period today. Not remarkable in itself, but what is comment worthy is that it marks twelve months since I last used the standard forms of sanitary protection (namely tampons or towels). Instead I’ve been using a Mooncup, a little rubber cup with a stem attached that one inserts, empties, rinses and reuses (each one lasts up to eight years). I love it! It wouldn’t be going too far to say it is one of my favourite possessions. There are so many reasons why, not least that I object to paying VAT on towels and tampons. Nor do I like the constant gimmicks of the sanitary product industry, always trying to make women buy more and more. With a Mooncup, there’s no waste, no having to constantly buy more, no propping up large rich corporations. It’s just me, one item and my body. A year in, I’m still over-the-Moon(cup) with it.

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