All keyed up (or down)

Despite being really busy at work and with various other things going, I have spent the week in a blissful state of calm.  I am attributing my zen like state to my pared down set of keys.  I have a massive aversion to big bunches of keys.  They are up there with undercooked potato at the top of my ‘things I don’t like’ list.  Despite this dislike, my own bunch had been building up over recent months, to the point where I could feel them dangling on my knee when driving.  At the weekend, I took a few minutes to unburdened myself and shed all but the most necessary ones, leaving the rest together in a safe place.  Instantly I felt all keyed up (pun intended) and ready to face the world!  Now my key ring is light, easy to carry and exudes a certainje ne sais quoiminimalism (okay, the last part of the statement is perhaps pushing it somewhat).  So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to reclaim a sense of control and calm, I’d highly recommend clearing your key ring.  Just make sure you know which keys you’re removing and which to keep, else you’ll bring on a whole load of new stress when you find that you’re locked out.

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