Don’t panic!

I’m not panicking.  At least I don’t think I am.  I feel like I should be.  I do feel a little bit worried, but I’m not thinking ‘OMG I need to do something about this situation now else my life will fall apart’ so I guess I’m not panicking.  ‘The situation’ is that my USB stick has decided to corrupt itself.  At least that’s what I think has happened to it.  At 6pm this evening, it was fine.  At 9pm this evening, when I plugged it, my computer told me ‘Device needs formatting’.  I have tried to in every USB slot.  I have tried re-starting.  In short, I’ve tried all the little tricks that usually sort out such hiccups but to no avail.  It isn’t the end of the world: it hasn’t been long since my last back-up, plus I can take it to a computer shop in the next day or so to see if they can retrieve anything from it.  Even so, I know that normally I would be catasrophising by now: I am cursed, doomed to failure, destined to have to re-type every piece of work I’ve ever produced.  Of course, this is nonsense, but that doesn’t stop such warped spirals of thought.  Today, though, is different.  Today, I am in a good place.  Today, I have accepted that it is just one of those things and that my life as I know it is not going to end.  I am not panicking.  Although part of me still wants to panic because it seems strangely comforting; it seems slightly more satisfying than going ‘Oh well’.  But ‘oh well’ will have to do.

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