I am off work this week. Part of the reason for taking these days in particular is that I wanted to help out at the charity that I’m treasurer of. Two of us said we’d go in today and tomorrow to complete a specific task. By 2pm this afternoon, it was done. I then enjoyed the rest of the day in Birmingham – eating, shopping (a rarity!), taking in the city in the sunshine. Finishing the job early has also left me with a free day tomorrow. What shall I do with it? I’m relishing the prospect of some unstructured time. It feels like a huge swathe of freedom lies ahead of me. Maybe I could go somewhere. Maybe I could stay at home. Maybe I could make plans to see friends. Maybe I could sit outside with my latest knitting project. In fact, it is so free that I’m almost overwhelmed with options. In a week that’s quite busy with doing things and travelling (Oxford, Manchester and Budapest as well as Birmingham on the itinerary), I’m taken with the idea of doing nothing very much at all. At the same time, I so rarely have a commitment-free day that I want to seize the opportunity and do something unexpected. Which side wins out remains to be seen, but whichever prevails, I know I’m blessed to have so many lovely choices to pick between.

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