If I’m working in Surrey on a Thursday, as I am today, then I usually go out to the pub at night. This evening, however, I heard a small voice inside whispering “I don’t really feel like it”. I don’t know why I don’t. Maybe it’s because I worked late. Maybe it’s because I’m tired. Maybe it’s because I have a busy few weeks ahead. Instead it’s 9.15 and I’m tucked up in bed with a new book to devour. It feels like heaven. I’m glad that I’m able to hear that little voice. I’m even more glad that I listened.

Things that caught my eye in Budapest last week, including the amazing facade to the equally amazing spa that I visited, some graffiti under a bridge (how did it get there?  Did they get wet doing it?), padlocks on a bridge (what do they mean?), kitsch chintzy chairs at a restaurant I ate lunch in, the white limo outside the restaurant in which you can get a lift home in after your meal, a Michael Jackson tribute.  I really haven’t made the last one up.

Biggin’ up my bike

As part of ‘Big Green Week’, Triodos Bank have been encouraging their customers to ‘Big up their bike’.  I’ve taken up their call and submitted a picture of my beloved two-wheeler to their Facebook page – take a look and see if you can guess which is mine (the caption – revealed when you click on the image – might give it away even if the photograph doesn’t).  You can even ‘like’ my bike while you’re there!


Biggin’ up my bike