Post-Olympic blues…and inspiration

Have woken up with severe post-Olympic blues; cannot begin to imagine how the actual competitors and organisers must feel!  There are lots of issues about the Olympics both as an event and in terms of British participation in it, from sweatshop exploitation of those making the outfits (see for more info) to the general capitalism of the games (why, oh why, did there have to be a shopping centre – one packed largely with designer goods, no less – on route into the Olympic Park? Probably dubious excuses about it subsidising the event, creating ‘much needed employment’ or attracting longer-term investment in the area – because that’s what East London needs, a designer shoopping mall. Hmmm) to the use of lottery funding to support our athletes (why does the government need to back our sportsmen and women when it can be done through gambling?!).  Even so, and perhaps in spite of myself, I loved it.  I’m not at all a nationalistic person (I struggled to know what to write under ‘nationality’ in the census as I don’t feel particularly British) but I was pleased that as a nation we managed to organise something that went well, was fun and bought people together.  I really hope that the legacy of ‘Inspire a generation’ comes to fruition.  It seems to have got off to a good start – I don’t think I’m the target demographic for the generation they have in mind, but I’ve been inspired to book Pilates for tomorrow and I’ve packed my costume so I can go swimming later in the week.  Maybe getting my endorphins pumping via exercise will counter the anti-climax that it’s all over.

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