Driving myself crazy

Yesterday I drove down to work.  It’s a 120-mile trip that I’ve taken pretty much every week for the last eighteen months.  But yesterday felt different.  I arrived at the destination feeling incredibly calm and relaxed, serene even – very different to my usual uptight state after the journey.  It’s not that I find driving or the distance stressful, more that I usually get cross with other drivers, hacked off with the traffic and generally narked that I can’t where I want to go quickly enough.  Yesterday the roads did seem quieter (schools are out and it’s holiday season) but I think the reason for my newfound car karma lay not in the external situation but my internal one, namely my posture and position when at the wheel.  Having been to pilates on Tuesday, I was super-conscious of how I was sitting and moving.  Although my back and head felt fine, my arm hold seemed very forced – not uncomfortable, but effortful.  So I changed from the usual admittedly slightly boy-racer style hold to one where my upper arms rested against me and only the lower arms were perpendicular. 

This is purely speculation, but I beginning to wonder if this simple shift accounts for my happier travelling experience.  With my physical self in a more restful position, was my mental self therefore less tense?  I’ve got to head over to Royal Holloway university later today and of the two possible routes, I feel I ought to take the one involving the M25 to test out my theory.  Trouble is, my new car karma is telling me why bother when I can take the more pleasant option.  Have I been driving myself crazy all these years? 

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