Decadence on a Monday

Many moons ago, my friend Caroline over at life through an amateur lens ( and I used to go out for champagne cocktails on a Monday.  I can’t remember how this ritual started, but I do know that we thought it was the most decadent thing we could imagine doing on the most workaday 24 hours of the week.  Fancying ourselves as a pair of old lushes, it became a semi-regular event and a way of expressing our desire to not be hemmed into conventional life. 

Those days are long gone now, but I was reminded of them this Monday afternoon.  Fairly late on, I got a work-related email that I was particularly delighted to receive – a long shot that had come up good.  After high-fiving myself and doing a mini-cheer, I decided that a celebration was in order so hurried through the last couple of items on my to-do list and had a bath.  Whilst no champagne was involved, lying amongst the bubbles at 4.45 on a Monday did remind me of those slightly wilder, more carefree days of decadence with Caroline.  Times have changed, but I was pleased to think I could still carve out moments of being a lush when most of the world is still at work.  I’m tempted to try to keep the mood up for the rest of the day – am going out for a family meal this evening, but am not sure that the localHarvesterserves either Kir Royales or bellinis.  I’ll just have to make sure I get a straw in my favourite colour to go with my refillable soft drink instead!

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