Thank Holiday Weekend

It’s a Bank Holiday weekend & I’m extremely thankful for it.  After a few madly busy weeks, including back-to-back commitments from Friday night to Sunday evening last weekend, I was determined that these three days would be a paean to gentle rest & recuperation.  And I managed to keep it that way!  I deliberately avoided making any plans except to meet some friends for dinner on Sunday evening.  I also did some tidying on Friday night so that at least my immediate environment would be suitably calm and calming.  But aside from that, there was nothing scheduled.  Here’s how it worked out:

Friday evening, post-tidy up: watched crap TV, although it wasn’t really crap – the main thing was a great BBC4 documentary on the development of country music.  Then lay in bed listening to Johnny Cash before nodding off at a reasonable time, feeling rested already.

Saturday: slept as late as I wanted.  Ate what I wanted.  Sat in the garden until thunderstorms hit.  Whiled away the hours looking out of the window, watching the crazy changing weather, and reading magazines.  Installed a new chair (well, new to me – it’s an old wooden one) in pride of place in my room.  Parents & I decided to go for a meal to celebrate me winning a history prize – hooray on both counts!  Ashamed to admit that after just a glass of Cava & a glass of wine, I was very sleepy.  And very relaxed.

Sunday: slept as late as I wanted.  Went to Quaker meeting.  Whiled away the afternoon doing some Quaker-related tasks & replying to some emails (strictly personal; no going near my work account).  Godmother called round for a cup of tea.  Went back to meeting, then out for dinner with friends.  Food okay, company great, lovely evening all round. 

Monday: slept as late as I wanted (is there a theme developing here?).  Lay in bed doing nothing.  Writing this.  My cousin & her family are visiting later.  I’m off to a discussion group this evening.  I strongly suspect I will again go to bed relaxed & content.

What have I learnt from this time of rest & relaxation?  That I can sleep a lot.  That sometimes I eat a lot, and sometimes I don’t want to eat a lot.  That I have a fantastic network of friends & family.  That sometimes even the quietest, perhaps even seemingly dull, Bank Holiday weekends can be amazing & just what one needs.  Something to be thankful for indeed.

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