Thank you Tumblr

On Friday night, I had dinner with my friend Clare from over at the Pass the Pattern blog.  We were good friends at senior school and spent many a happy hour rearranging one another’s wardrobe (what wild teens we were!).  It was lovely to get together after only seeing each other once in probably twelve or thirteen years.  It was also a little strange how aside from having to fill each other in on the odd episode, it was pretty much like picking up where we left off.  Maybe it’s because social media (including Tumblr, where we read each other’s blogs) allows us to glimpse into people’s lives much more easily.  Maybe it’s because we had a genuinely solid friendship, based on our similar outlooks as well as mutual interests.  Or maybe it’s a combination of the two.  In a world where we can make innumerable superificial connections that may feel instantly gratifying but disappear as easily as they are created, it feels good to know that the same technologies can be used to facilitate and even restore more meaningful bonds too.  Thanks, Tumblr.

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