Three things – make that four

Blogging is a habit.  Not inherently a good or bad one, just a habit.  And like flossing one’s teeth, it is the kind of habit that it is easy to lose a hold on.  This has happened to me several times in the last year or so (gosh, how quickly that time has gone!).  Like when I don’t floss, I get cross with myself.  Why don’t I do it when I actually like doing so?, I angst to myself (about blogging, not flossing that is).  I thought that reviving the info on my “about me & this blog” page the other week might rekindle the fire, but alas not.  It just seemed to scary, too daunting, to write after weeks of not doing so.  Even though I wanted to.  At the weekend, though, I had a cunning idea about how flex my blogging muscles again and get back into the posting habit: simply record some of my likes and dislikes.  As the blurb at the top of the page states, the whole purpose of “A Life of One’s Own” is to think about my preferences, so I shall do so once again.

Here are some for today:

Dislike ~ still feeling ill after ten days.  Especially as picked up over the weekend.  I just want to feel better!

Likes ~ a pile of very buttery hot toasted teacakes for lunch; apple shampoo; writing my first tweet.  And now I’m going to lie in the bath.  Like indeed.

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