More likes and a dislike

Trying to get back into the habit (see previous post) with a quick reflection on likes, with one dislike to kick it off:

Dislike ~ still feeling ill after twelve days!  I’M GETTING BORED NOW!  You know it’s bad when you find your own illness story dull.  I have labryinthitis.  That’s all I’m prepared to say about it as the whole thing is becoming tedious.  Most tedious is the stiffness in my neck and shoulders that seems to be the result of the weird positions I’m sleeping in because of the dizziness.

Likes ~

Chippy tea.  Yom yom yom.

Having a very long chat with a very old, very dear friend.

That brief moment where you realise it’s dusk so pop a lamp on and everything – inside and out – takes on a beautiful golden glow

Ordering a new selp help type book off Amazon.  It’s called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin ( – don’t worry, not an affiliated link, I won’t make any money from the sale if you buy it!).  I did resist the quickest delivery option, though.  Very restrained!

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