Three likes from earlier this morning:

~ At the weekend, I went on an amazing singing workshop in Worcester (hope to post more about this soon).  During the free time on Saturday afternoon, I stopped by the town’s gallery just as a new exhibition entitled “Laura Knight in the Open Air” was opening.  It contained lots of beautiful pictures, many of which are very different to the wartime images often associated with Knight.  Unfortunately there wasn’t a postcard of my favourite painting of two women sitting on some rocks, but this one was a close second.  It was lovely to wake up this morning & see it adding a bit of colour to my bedside table.

~ Noticed that my toothbrush etc are colour co-ordinated.  It honestly wasn’t planned that way but have to admit I love it!

~ My favourite brooch is my mother-of-pearl Palestinian peace dove.  I was really drawn to wearing it this morning in light of all the trouble that has again flared up in that region.  It seems almost facetious to say that in light of how serious events there are.  The fighting makes me feel so sad and so useless, and it is pretty lame that putting a brooch on is the only response that I can think of.  However, wearing it feels like an act of prayer – not wishing for a particular outcome, simply being mindful and thinking about all the lives caught up in the conflict.  This item is therefore perhaps less of a “like” and more a hope for the future.

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