Observations over the last few days

~ Dislike: feeling tired, ridiculously irrational and hormonal with a horrendous case of PMT.

~ Like: meeting up with Clare from over at Pass the Pattern.  She cooked me a lovely dinner (and a very indulgent chocolate fudge cake dessert!), then we decorated her Christmas tree.  Perhaps a little bit early, but who cares?!  It was great fun. 

~ Like number two: this afternoon I’m off to steward at a Christmas tree festival.  I’m not exactly sure what this will involve (can’t imagine that there will be rioting hoards to control) but am sure that it will be a pleasant way to spend a few hours.  Then homewards to set up for tomorrow’s Christmas fayre at my meeting.

~ Like number three: Christmas!  I know it isn’t even December yet but I’m already feeling very festive and looking forward to the season of goodwill and gladtidings.  It’s a good job, seeing as I’ve been beseiged by Christmas activities already.  And I’m loving them.

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