Ringing in the new year

As part of my new-year-come-early feeling, I’ve just begun to take down the Christmas cards and decorations.  Normally this is a task that leaves me feeling melancholic, but this time I’ve taken a differen tack.  Rather than racing through the task, I found myself pausing and re-reading all the cards.  Words that passed me by upon opening the card now seem to ring more poignantly, particularly the one that wished me a 2013 full of new experiences – timely as I’ve spent the afternoon thinking about what I’d like to achieve in the year ahead.  Instead of just packing the cards away, I’m going to use this as a prompt to send a few messages and catch up with some of those who I didn’t see over the festive season.  So whilst the space may look bare without all the baubles and sparkles, the air this evening will be filled with chimes coming not from Christmas bells but my phone.  Ringing in 2013, so to speak.

I’m itching to take down the cards and pack up my tree. I’m craving fruit and I never want to see another gravy boat in my life. It can mean only one thing: Christmas is over and I’m restless for the fresh start of a new year. And why wait until the calendar says so? Why try to hold back all the verve and enthusiasm until Tuesday? I’ve bought some supplements to kick start 2013 and have popped the first capsule this evening. The date may say it’s still only 28th December, but I have a 1st January feeling in my soul. And also in my gut, thanks to the large dose of vitamin b5, b6, b12, iron etc etc. Happy new year to you all.