My happiness project

Yesterday my attempts at a “Happiness Project” began in earnest.  It isn’t a year long venture but for three months initially, possibly being extended out to six months.  This isn’t because I’m so happy that I could only think of three months’ worth of actions – it’s because three obvious areas emerged so I decided to focus on those and see how I get on.  My first focus is, like so many of the adult population in the Western world at this time of year, on health and wellbeing.  I’ve set some daily goals, a few weekly ones and a small list of things to do over the course of the month.  I was keen to create a challenge and to make changes, but also to not overwhelm myself with unrealistic target setting.  I hope that I’ve achieved this balance – so far, so good anyway.  There’s nothing dramatic, just a series of small actions that I know make me feel better but I tend to neglect doing them.  I’m such a geek that having boxes to tick inspires me to actually get on with it! 

Daily activities:

Period of quiet – check

Fresh air – check

Well woman supplement – check

Nuts – ran out, will get some more tomorrow

More fruit – there’s still time yet! 

Cereal for breakfast – check

It also seems that simply considering some of the other areas to work on has had a beneficial effect.  I’ve felt in a bit of a style rut recently and planned to work on changing this in a future month but I’m already making progress – bought an amazing coat today that looks exactly like the kind of direction I want to go in.  Okay, so this purchase isn’t life-changing or noble, but it’s given me some happiness and will do every time I wear it.  And that can’t be a bad thing.

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