Proverbs for living

Throughout The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin refers to the little rules and mottos that she uses to guide her life choices and the ones that she picks up during her year dedicated to becoming happier. She gives these various names, such as her twelve commandments and the secrets of adulthood. When I first read the book last month, I didn’t think I had any such dictums but I’m beginning to realise that there are a few – the kinds of phrases that appear in my journal over and over, or I find myself muttering under my breath when stressed or fed up. “Proverbs for living” sprung to mind when thinking about how to describe them, so that’s the label I’ll give them. Three have been relevant in the last couple of days, so they’re the ones I’ll share in case they should resonate with anyone else too:

Location does not maketh the lifestyle

Intelligence is a gift, not a virtue

Change is the only always

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