My Geek Highlight of NYC

My Geek Highlight of NYC

I’ve recently come back from New York. One of the advantages of being in a city where you spend a lot of time looking up is that you notice some really cool street names. Here is my favourite, which is also my geek highlight of the trip. Stumbling across this innocuous signpost cheered me greatly, a reminder that someone else from someplace else shared my belief that these women and what they did are worth remembering and worth recognising.

4 thoughts on “My Geek Highlight of NYC

    1. I’ve always admired them both. As well as being a historian of gender, I’m a Quaker too, as they were, so there’s an added resonance. I do remember where the sign is – it’s on Park Row, alongside City Hall Park (well, I remembered City Hall Park but just checked the street name!). The sign is almost directly opposite a Starbucks and on the park side of the road.

      I’ve been reading your blog for about a year or so & it encouraged me to visit Brooklyn whilst I was on in New York as you always make it seem such a vibrant place. Unfortunately it was only a quick sweep around the sights but am already scheming for a return visit!


      1. The next time I’m near City Hall, I’ll be on the lookout for that sign. How wonderful!

        I’m so happy to hear that you made it to Brooklyn on your recent trip to NYC! Did you make any memorable stops? Any favorite sights?


  1. I thought Brooklyn Public Library was beautiful, especially the friezes along the side walls, and I was so happy to be able to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge – probably a cliche, but true. I’d have liked to have time to look at the vintage & thrift stores on what I think was Atlantic Avenue but didn’t have time. Definitely will be on my next visit though!


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