And so it has begun

In 2005, I decided that I wanted to write a book exploring what I had discovered from my self-help obsession. What I didn’t know then was that an enormous journey of spiritual growth would soon follow. Nor did I realise that there was a whole world of personal development material out there, going far beyond the shelves of books in my local library. Indeed I am following one such programme at the minute, The Queen Sweep with the amazing Anna Kunnecke from Declare Dominion and the Sit At My Table blog. One result of this is a renewed enthusiasm for all of this – not just reading and thinking and talking about it (that has never gone away), but also writing about it and trying to reach out and share what I’ve discovered with others too. So today I finally, some nine years down the line, wrote three paragraphs for the book idea! And my word, doesn’t it feel good?! The first step, but an important one. May many more follow, both in that document and on this blog.

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