Something from the Weekend

This weekend, I went on a work trip to Budapest. I’ve been lucky enough to go out there half a dozen or so times over the last seven years. Each time I grow to love the city and its inhabitants more. Each time I also feel less pressure to “do” certain things, such as the key tourist spots or particular cultural sites. Yes there are lots of interesting places in the city that I haven’t visited, but now I feel happy to just focus my free time there on the *want* to do rather than the *ought* to do. On this visit, the want not ought meant going to my favourite spa on Saturday. A few hours alone, soaking up the sun, relaxing in the waters and getting thoroughly stretched out by a massage. On Sunday, I went back, this time with two colleagues. Loungers, ice cream, slapping on the factor 30 whilst gossiping and reading magazines in the blazing sunshine; a different day and a wholly different experience even though I was in the same place.

The something from the weekend lesson from this? That by doing what we want rather than what we ought, we often end up getting exactly what we need.

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