Carpe Weekend

Most of us are familiar with the phrase ‘Carpe Diem’, or ‘Seize the day’.  Yet rather than seizing every day, often it is only on the weekend that we feel we have time to stop, collect ourselves and breathe.  This feature is designed to help with that: a small suggestion, tip or hint for you to try (if you wish!) over the weekend.  Maybe it will make a difference to your life, maybe it won’t, maybe it will prompt some other thoughts.  Enjoy – and seize your weekend!

Earlier this week, I went on a retreat. It was amazing and packed so full of coincidences and synchronicities that at times it was a bit terrifying. One such experience relates to hand massage. I have never given or received a hand massage, yet for some reason before retiring on Monday night I had an urge to treat my own hands in this way. Come Tuesday night, what should one of the activities be? In pairs, to give one another a hand massage. And my, how emotional it was! No doubt the atmosphere and exploration if the retreat were huge factors in our responses, but both my partner and I were reduced to tears by it. It genuinely felt the process shifted something, unblocked some internal knot. It opened up parts of my mind I didn’t know were there.

So my carpet weekend suggestion this week is to give oneself a hand massage. Take ten minutes, sit somewhere quiet with a towel and some body lotion, and rub, first one hand then the other. Palms, fingers, lower wrist. As firmly or gently as feels right. Stroke, knead, try it all. See what happens…you might not have a spiritual reaction but at least your hands will feel softer afterwards!

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