One of my favourite quotations – I always try to remember these words when things seems tough or my strength seems shaken. Right now, am charting my boat on new waters. Ahoy!

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The cold dark morning when I wrote the last A Life Of One’s Own update seems like an
age ago.  Spring is now here in all its
glory.  All around the cherry blossoms
look sumptuous and there’s a magnolia down the street that I’m longing to
scrump some blooms from – I must resist!

Down the street…a different street to when I sent the
January newsletter, for I have just moved.
In terms of distance, I’ve only gone a few miles but in every other
sense it feels like a huge transition.  I
am now living with my partner and we have the task of creating a home from
scratch: a new place for both of us, but also a space that no-one else has ever
lived in.  There are walls and windows,
doors and floors, sockets and skirting, but no soul.  No history.
The sense of responsibility for breathing life into the building weighs
surprisingly heavy.  Being the
navel-gazer that I am, I cannot help but feel it is our duty to ensure that we
establish a loving and peaceful atmosphere not just for ourselves but to pass
on as a legacy to whoever lives here next.

‘Make a house a home’ is an advertising cliché but the
question of how to achieve this occupies much of my mind at present.  Between us, my partner and I have lots of
lovely things to fill the space – items that reflect our interests and our
identities, separately and, in time, together.
There is old furniture and candles and flowers…But is this enough?  Even in the short time we’ve been here (less
than a week), I’ve been reminded that it is the less tangible elements of
home-making that are perhaps most important: a building’s occupants and the nature
and quality of relationships between them.

In this respect, there is little in anyone’s home that is
brand new.  We all bring with us our
history and our baggage.  I didn’t just
unpack my long-boxed up possessions from storage; my fears, expectations, hurts
and assorted idiosyncrasies came along too.
And as we settled into new ways of living and being, I’m on high-alert
to my feelings and foibles, trying to navigate what is actually happening now
and what is simply a cognitive rehash of some old drama.  

When I sat down to draft this, I thought it would be about
spring cleaning and to an extent it is, but not in the way I expected – or perhaps
in the way I expected and another
sense as well.  I set out to talk about
spring cleaning our homes, our possessions, and the impact that this can have
on us internally: psychologically, emotionally, spiritually.  This remains the case.  At the same time, we are also able to spring
clean ourselves: dust away the cobwebs and clear out some of junk that clutters
up our hearts and our minds.  We can do
this without altering our physical surroundings.  Moving house may be a good prompt, but the
changing of seasons and bursting forth of new life all around us in nature can
provide an impetus – and inspiration – for us all.

If you would like some
support in undertaking a spring clean of your own (whether physical or
internal), then get in touch to see if
A Life Of One’s Own coaching can help.  I have a couple of one-to-one slots available
for working with people on an individual basis.